How to prepare for your first float experience

Please review our floating tips to ensure a rewarding experience

•​ Come 15 minutes before your scheduled float session.
•​ Come as you are.
•​ No make-up or jewelry allowed, so please leave your jewelry at home.
•​ If your hair is recently color treated, you will want to wait a week or two before booking your appointment.
• No spray-in hair treatment allowed.
• Do not shave the day of your appointment. This helps to avoid any skin irritations from the high salt concentration in the Float Pod.
• Towels are provided for your use, but you are welcome to bring your own.
• Ear plugs are provided free of charge.

• We ask that you avoid drinking all caffeine products the day of your session.  Caffeine has a very strong stimulating effect on the nervous system and adrenal glands.  This can make it more difficult to relax during your session.

• Also try to avoid eating at least one hour prior to your session, coming in on a light to empty stomach is optimal.  Eating light fresh foods the day of your session will allow your body to be at ease and conserve energy by not having to process heavy foods in the system.

• Doing some simple stretches especially in the areas that hold a lot of tension such as the neck and shoulders will really help you to get a jump start on the relaxation process, and ease some of the physical tension in the body prior to floating.

• Please take your time arriving to your session.  We ask that you do not rush in order to maintain relaxation upon your arrival.  Please note that due to a high volume of customers we ask that you do not arrive late to your session.  If you are late to the appointment your session may be shortened.  If you are more than 15 minutes late a no show fee may be assessed and your appointment may require rescheduling.  Please notify us if you think you may be arriving later than your scheduled appointment time.

• Shower towel, ear plugs, and all toiletries will be provided. You are more than welcome to bring your own towels and/or toiletries as well.  Please note that it is not necessary to bring a swimsuit, as most clients prefer to float without one.  If it makes you feel more comfortable you are more than welcome to bring one.

• For ladies we ask that you do not float on your menstrual cycle, if you need to reschedule within 12 hours due to menstrual cycle we will be happy to reschedule.

• To ensure utmost privacy, your Floating experience is set in a private room with shower and a lockable door.  Our hostess will accompany you into the Float Room to finalize the review process.

• You should take a quick shower before entering the float pod to remove oils from your body.  Shampoo, conditioner and body wash will be provided.  Do not use conditioner prior to your session.  After showering, you will fit your ear plugs before entering the float pod.

• The water is heated to skin temperature.  Even though it is only 12 inches deep, the water contains close to 1200 pounds of dissolved pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt.  The density of this mixture is why you will Float effortlessly on the surface. Such a high concentration of salt may cause slight itchiness at first. If the area becomes too strong to ignore, dry the skin and then apply a thin layer of Vaseline (will be provided free of charge).

• Try not to blink or open and close your eyes as the salt will seep in and may cause burning. DO NOT wipe your eyes with your hands as this will only aggravate them more.  Floating is comparable to swimming in the ocean and opening your eyes under the water.  Keep them closed and the burning will subside. If not, wipe your eyes with a provided towel or rinse with clean water from the provided bottle.

​• You are in a private room, so you can leave the pod door open if you wish. If you do, please know that you may feel a chill if you leave it open for the entire session.  Alternatively, you can prop it partially open with a rolled up cloth. You have the choice to leave the interior lights on or to turn them off.  Music can be on or off per your wish. Music and lights are controllable by voice.  Also, there is an intercom system inside the pod for emergency as well for assistance.

• For a full sensory acceleration experience, our recommendation is a complete black out: lights off, music off.

• It is very important to us that you are able to get the absolute most out of every session here at AQUA Float Spa, as well as maintain the highest amount of cleanliness and ensure our pod are 100% sanitary for each of our guests.  It is advisable to postpone your float if any of theses conditions apply to you.

It is not advisable to float if you:

• Have any major open wounds or cuts
• Have any active skin conditions
• Are on your menstrual cycle
• Have recently gotten a tattoo
• Have recently dyed your hair
• Have a contagious illness

We look forward to your visit!

With gratitude,

~AQUA Float Spa Team