Works with Alexa!

AQUA Float Spa proudly introduces first in the floating industry voice-controlled tanks.

We’ve successfully integrated Amazon Alexa voice recognition technology into our pods.

Only in our float spa, you don’t need to touch the walls to find light button, you just say what you want.

Also, you can turn on/off music, skip the song and adjust volume.

We also have integrated intercom, in case if you need immediate assistance.


Control Lights

To turn light ON you just say:

~ Alexa, turn light on

~ Alexa, light on

To turn light OFF you say:

~ Alexa, turn light off

~ Alexa, turn off the light

You even can change the color of the light, by saying:

~Alexa, turn on blue color (red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, purple, white…)

Please note, if you open a lid, light will turn ON automatically.


Control Music

Basic music control:

~ Alexa, turn music on

~ Alexa, play music

~ Alexa, next song

~ Alexa, stop

~ Alexa, music off

~ Alexa, volume up/down



~ Alexa, turn on intercom

~ Alexa, turn on assistance

Please note, when you call for assistance, your light will turn ON and music will stop.