Welcome to AQUA Float Spa

Imagine where your mind could go, how healing would come, if you could completely quiet your body.

Floatation Therapy has been proven to be very beneficial to the human body.

At AQUA Float Spa, you are treated to an amazing weightless experience.

Guests unleash tension inside our pod-like sensory acceleration pool that is filled with pharmaceutical grade salts and skin-temperature water. In addition to launching you into a state of deep relaxation, the gravity-suspending experience can boost the workings of your central nervous system, and your brain, by blocking out stress and external stimuli – such as touch, sight, gravity, sound, and temperature.

• Brainwave activity is lowered into the Theta state or “Dream State” which is usually achieved right before sleep.
• The Theta state is maintained for long periods of time during the duration of your float.
• The ability to temporarily eliminate physiological stress and anxiety from over-stimulation reduces chances of chronic stress, illness, and pain.
• National Institute of Mental Health stated that floating “is the only technique ever shown by controlled studies to be effective over extended periods of time.”
• Also, as an option you may enjoy light and music therapy, during your float session.

Relax in the deepest sense of the word!